2 Potential Causes Of Septic Backup

Any septic tank owner will tell you that the foremost fear problem may be a septic backup. The means of septic is to gather all the waste from your home in a tank that is separate from the house. However, the mean of backup is that your wastes are streaming the other direction, and wastewater gets back to your home. As you can imagine, this stinky problem is dangerous for your health. 

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Here are some potential causes of a septic system backup

  • The Septic Tank is Too Full 

The septic tank is played a vital role in your home. It is designed to reduce the volume of solid wastes in your tank, and it makes a sludge layer at the bottom of the septic tank that needs to be pump out regularly. If you are not tank pumped regular basis, it can cause an overflow and backup. It is also dangerous for the health as well as the environment. 


  • The Lines are Blocked 

The tree in your yard makes a wonderful statement, but you need to remember tree roots with a septic system because tree roots are spread in any direction. Many times tree roots are spread in drains pipes, and they block the passage water or cause the drain pipes to bust. So, if you have a tree near the septic tank you need to keep a check on a regular basis. 


So, if you have a septic tank system, the best way to prevent overflowing or backup in your home is with proper maintenance.